Pro Instagram Tips

If you are looking for ways to present your business to online community, Instagram is definitely the easiest and most efficient way to do it. Do not buy instagram followers, we will focus on few professional tips that may speed up your online success!

  1. Ideal posting time

The most popular brands on Instagram are posting their images about 2 times a day. Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to publish, in particular between 14 and 17 hours. In general, during the day, the hours following meals, after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner, are the best times when people are more active. Therefore, if you decide to post something during these times, you will have a better chance of getting more likes and followers.

  1. Engagement

Engagement is the ratio between the total number of followers and the number of likes and comments left by them. Example: a profile with 1,000 followers and, on average, 200 to 300 likes per photo has a great engagement, as 2 in every 10 people leave their mark. A profile with 10.000 followers but with 100 likes per photo has smaller engagement. That’s why you have to understand whether to bet on full engagement or on followers. First thing to do is to find a right keyword, that allows us to identify people who interest us. So, using the search tool Hashtag, let’s look, for example, #follower. In this way we will have a list, ordered by date of registration in descending order, of all the photos you have in the hashtag description. This is also why we are going to include them in our photos. Starting from the first, namely, in chronological order, we can observe the list of people who have put their likes. Why to do this? In this way we will have different lists of people who are almost certainly active. Then we can go on the profile of one of them, and start to like at least 3 posted pictures, commenting, in a friendly way and finally, subscribe to his profile. The ratio is 1 followers every 4 profiles followed. Not bad, considering the normal average of Instagram.

3. App for followers

There are some apps on the virtual store (Google Play and AppStore) developed specifically to increase the number of followers. Such apps, after having been associated with Instagram profile, start to encourage people to follow in exchange for “coins”. These coins, when the thresholds, allow, in fact, are trying to buy followers for your profile. Just go on your own digital store, search for “instagram followers” and start downloading the first 2-3 options, try them and find the one that suits your taste.

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Ultimate Balloon Clash of Clans Guide

The Balloons are extremely efficient unit that can be very versatile in farming resources in Clash of Clans. However, there are some tips and tricks that can boost your Balloon strategy and help you to own the sky above battlefield.


Early in the game the main use of Balloons is for campaign, but later in the game with proper upgrade and Spells they can become one of the most versatile units in the game. It is not a mistake that Town level 9 players are using Balloons as they primary attacking unit in the game. Specially the gamers who are pushing trophies finds Balloons to be very useful. Also if you are looking to achieve big achievements and get Gems, you should consider to use Balloons as primary unit. It is a fact that Balloons are not fast units, they are relatively slow units in the game. More then that, Balloons do not have large health pool, so you would need to upgrade them fast to increase their survivability. Because they are slow, they are very vulnerable to various attacks, but with upgrades they get additional health that is very useful. The greater danger for Balloons lies in Air Defense Towers, but Wizards Towers are also capable to deal significant amount of damage.0337

Balloons tend to work in large numbers and if you can manage to destroy Air Defense Towers and Wizards Towers, you will be able to devastate entire base very quickly. For farming, Balloons seems to be somehow limited, because they have large training time and that is very significant. More then that, a cost of five supply units is not small. The most significant upgrade that Baloons can get are from level four to level eight. During this period, Balloons get a lot additional health and that is nonessential for successful game-play. If you need additional resourcess, check Clash of clans cheats and upgrade your Balloons without any trouble.

0338The main problem with Balloons is in fact that they are extremely weak at the begging levels of the game, but with few levels they gain necessary endurance. After level nine, they are getting huge boost in strength and huge boost in hit points, so from Town Hall level 9 they are one of the most viable units in the game. You can combine them with Minions for trophy hunting and additionally you can add few Archers. If you use Minions instead of archers you would reduce training time and you will increase overall strength of your army.

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Volume Ps4 Review!

Volume is interesting game for Playstation 4 that offers unique gameplay. You will enter a world of secrets. In shadows of our world only one rule counts – if you’re seen you die! You can play Volume on Playstation 4 easily  with free psn codes, but beware, in this game it is better keep your head in the shadows.

012You will be playing as Locksley, a hacker who’s out to take down an evil corporation. To accomplish this task you will need a lot of skill though each level of volume has you sneaking through a room filled with guards, trip wires and even gun turrets. You will need to grab every glowing crystal on the map if you want to enter next level, but you must be very careful not to create sound that can attract guards, because sound can distract a whole group of people headed in your direction.

013Weapons are extremely vital to your success and in most missions you can only carry few, so you have to choose wisely. In fact, the only way you can survive is to make sure you’re completely unseen at all times. Each enemy has unique abilities and radius of detection, so if you step into this area they’ll come and investigate. If they see you for more than a second, you’ll be killed instantly. While this sounds brutal, it’s actually one of the biggest highlights the game itself. While it does punish you for your errors, the game never feels unfair. If you die once, you may see a path that you were supposed to take or if you die second time you might spot a closet you should hide. So, every death is actually a learning experience that teaches you more about playing.


The game levels are very simplistic, but it all has very classic metal gear solid feel that we love a lot. The gameplay is well supported by fascinating art. The graphics are very minimalistic using almost purely basic shapes to form the world. It gives bizarre alien look, especially weird enemies. You can dive into the level creator and make custom levels for others to play on. Level editor is really interesting, and easy to use, you just need to drop checkpoints and make enemies patrol in a certain areas. The Volume is certainly very interesting and original game for Playstation 4. It is not a game for everybody, if you are looking for fast action shooter, you should probably skip this game. But, if you are looking for stealth-puzzle adventure, The Volume is just a perfect game for you.

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First farming strategy in Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is all about resources, without the resources you can not the succeed in this game! So, we decided to share early farming could tutorial for this game! We’ll start from the beginning, farming at level I!
Let us clarify something, why do we need farming? Well, answer is very simple! The game itself is designed on that way that you can not be successful without taking resources from another players! The process of taking resources from another players is named farming and it is much easier with clash of clans hack! Okay. Now you know what farming is! Let’s start!

It is true that you can be very effective in farming from the beginning of the game. When you finish tutorial you will already have Town Hall level 2 and you will need additional resources. You can buy gems in the online shop, or you can find them at other players! Your first farming Army is very simple, but it is very effective. Create about the the barbarians and check if you upgraded your Army camp to maximum level of 30 units. Simply produce the the barbarians at the beginning and start your farming! Try to find opponents that have easy exposed resources around the base. Just drop your barbarian at the resource, rinse and repeat. This is very simple, but also very effective strategy that will generate a lot of resources at the beginning of the game. Do not worry about your shield, most players will not attack you because you do not have any resources.

At the beginning of the game your barbarian army is the best farming army that you can get, but it will be much better! As soon as you reach Town Hall 3, you will be able to produce twice more barbarians because you can use additional Army camp! So, simply produce 70 barbarians and that will be unstoppable farming army for beggining of Clash of Clans. As already said resources the most important aspect of these game, so making successful farming the habit is accident practice. Some players are using goblins for early farming.

They very effective indeed, because resources are there favorite targets, but they need much more time to be produced. You can choose barbarians or goblins for your early farming Army and collect necessary resources for additional upgrades.Resources are the most important element of Clash of Clans and you should farm resources from the beginning of the game. In this short tutorial we covered early farming strategies, in additional posts we will give more details about higher Town Hall level farming.

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Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Review

The original Shantae game was released long ago for Game Boy, and almost nobody played this game. Now, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is coming whith charm and splendor on PlayStation 4 available with Free PSN Code Generator 2015. If you like platform games, you will definitely love this one.

The game is an excellent platformer with all the aspects of the original game. The gameplay is very solid, not just that you will be amazed in some sequences how well this game is developed. More then that it offers a lot of content and a lot of levels to be explored, so you will have a lot of fun. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is a platformer, but it is action oriented game , the action is much faster than in original title and jumping mechanics is much more responsive then before. It is not classical platformer where you just need to jump around, in this game you will need to talk with a lot of characters, and in some sense it offers more depth then classics platformer game. On this way you will get a lot of clues and hints about what you should do next in the game.

Shantae is really cute little girl or genie that you will simply adore! She is so cute! Her best weapon is hair-whip attack, but you also can buy upgrades in the game that will improve attack speed of this attack. It is not all, you can buy different attacks in the game including variety of magical attacks and a lot of different healing potions. In some sense the game itself is a mix between classical platformer and Role Play Games or RPG games. Healing potions and special attacks are specially useful in Boss battles, so it is advisable to save those expencive items for a time when you will absolutely need them.

Another interesting feature in the game, that also looks lika apart of some Role Play Game, is a transformation system. Shantae is able to quickly transform herself in animal by using dancing ability! That is simply crazy! She can turn herself in a monkey or elephant with different abilities. For example, monkey can climb the trees and elephant can take down any wall! Great! The game offers a lot of content and one thing is for sure you will not be bored by playing this game.If you are looking for fun, charming interesting game to spend few days, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge will certainly be a perfect march. It is cute, adorable game worth of your time. Happy playing!

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More is better on Instagram

If you want to be successful on Instagram you should understand few basic rules that could help you in promoting your business, product or services. You will need, of course photos and you will need a quality photos! This time we will reveal one of the greatest secrets of successful Instagram photographers including instagram followers website!

You probably think that you should wait for some perfect moment or happening in order to take that one perfect shoot! Wrong! Waiting for right moment in photography is almost a myth. Of course, there are many photographers that managed to catch some specific moment in time, but if you compare those images with photos that were made with proper planning, you will realize that they are just lucky accidents. You should understand that right moment will not come to you, if you do not create that right moment you will not be able to make perfect photo for your Instagram promotion. Another misconception that is largely accepted is taking just one or maximum two shoots per object or scenery. Professional photographers do not take few shoots, they are taking literally hundreds of shoots when they are making a session.

Did you ever watched fashion photographers when they are working with a models? Did you notice that they are taking hundreds of photos in a minute? They do not wait for a perfect moment, but they are trying to catch the perfect image in hundred attempts. That is a secret of making a perfect image! When you are trying to create a good photo, you should concentrate on creating hundreds and hundreds of different images, made from different angles, with different ISO settings and so on. Try to be original and creative, not think about success or failure. Just shoot a scene and that is all.
When you are finished with your photo session, you will have a lot of material.

Then, in postproduction you should choose what images will you keep and work on their improvement, and what you should delete. That is great way to create good and quality material for Instagram. Professional photographers are always looking to create huge amount of photos during the sessions, because they know that quantity will produce a quality image at the end.
You can become a successful on Instagram if you follow this rule. Try to be original and persistent, your endeavors, creativity and personality can make all the difference along the way.

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Skullgirls on Ps4

If you like Girls, and if you like Skulls you definitely must play Skullgirls, excellent fighting game available on Playstation 4. First part of the game was released in 2012, but this time it comes to Playstation 4 with improved graphics and completely new mechanics that offers a lot of content and guarantee hours and hours of fun for any Playstation 4 gamers that is searching for fun! Let’s start!

Certain things are changed in second part of the game, and the first thing that you will notice is additional characters that you can play in the game. Fans of this game already knew about it, but new players will be more than surprised with different playable characters. Now, you can play as Beowulf, Squigly or Robo-Fortune up to fourteen available characters in the game. That is huge improvement and a lot of content that guarantee hours and hours of fun. And it is not all! The game offers also new levels of excitement in the form of hardcore mode and challenging fights. If you are considering yourself to be a good gamer we challenge you to try survival mode and see how long can you stay alive. Another interesting mode is trial mode where you are supposed to make certain combos with your character.

Unfortunately, for new players, game can be very complicated and you will need some practice to become proficient with it. In some sense the game is made for fans of the first the game, therefore the learning curve is very demanding, it suppose that you already played the first game. If you are a new player you must be prepared for some challenging and demanding tasks ahead.

Beside such issues, the game really looks nice with beautiful art and very smooth animations. Playstation 4 version of the game is absolutely compatible with Playstation 3 version. All in all, Skullgirls is one of the best fighting games that you can play on Playstation 4. It can be very demanding from time to time, but the game offers a lot of fun nevertheless. The good points of this game is a fact that you can easily play it on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. It brings gorgeous graphics with new models and 14 new characters. If you’re looking for challenging, fighting game Skullgirls is a perfect choice!

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